iContract Plus - Making iContract friendly

This is a must-have toolbox for all users of iContract

ant.jar Patch of Jakarta Ant 1.3 with a task for iContract. (All this will be included in Ant 1.4 and above). 

Note that the jar files are smaller than the jar files included with the binary version of Ant 1.3. This is because these binaries don't have compiled in all the optional tasks, which require support libraries to be built properly. You can always build Ant 1.3 yourself with IContract task and whatever optional tasks you might want by downloading the IContract task source code and follow the instructions that come with the source.

iContract Ant task documentation
iContract Task Source code (zip)
iContract Task Source code (tar.gz)
iControl A GUI that lets you pinpoint down to the method level what you want "iContracted", leaving the rest of the sources untouched.
iDoclet A doclet that includes assertions in the JavaDoc (HTML API documentation).
Tutorial Tutorial on how you can use iContract, iControl and iDoclet from Ant.
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